2018-04-29 Hededeactions: Move spawn() and friends into awlib master
2018-04-29 Hededeactions: Add greplog
2018-04-24 HededeReduce priority of list_tasks
2018-04-24 HededeUpdate log address
2017-12-13 Hededeactions: Move wetty into actions
2017-12-13 Hededeactions: Move reminders into their own file
2017-12-13 HededeAdd a header for shara
2017-12-13 HededeSeparate out vbepe
2017-12-13 HededeRemove .swp file
2017-12-13 Hededeactions: Move "log" into actions
2017-12-13 HededeAdd misc improvements
2017-12-13 HededeImprove wetty spawner
2017-12-13 HededeFix greeter bug
2017-12-13 Hededeactions: Refactor test() into separate file
2017-12-04 Hededeactions: Add trello API test
2017-09-29 HededeMove share into DB
2017-09-28 HededeSwitch reminders from file-backed to db-backed
2017-09-28 HededeImplement wrapper for sqlite3
2017-09-28 HededeAdd misc imporvements
2017-09-28 HededeAdd gotty
2017-09-28 HededeAdd SQLite test
2017-08-17 HededeIgnore object files
2017-08-17 Hedededrpclient: Add message quit signal
2017-08-17 HededeTest C++17 fix for tpl tpl param whatchamacallit
2017-08-17 HededeStop calling stangers 'bullshit'
2017-08-17 HededeRename happened() to roll()
2017-08-17 HededeAdd misc fixes
2017-08-17 Hededeactions: Add vpebe
2017-08-17 Hededeclient: Remove operator mode
2017-08-07 HededeImprove greeter
2017-08-07 HededeAdd random podzhuzh switch
2017-08-07 HededeAdd wetty launcher
2017-08-05 HededeMove sound commands out of zhuzher
2017-08-05 HededeCleanup drpclient
2017-08-05 HededeAdd crutch for PMs
2017-08-05 HededeReplace std::string with string_view
2017-08-05 HededeMake: Add little bit of optimization
2017-08-05 HededeAdd overload of Random() for plain arrays
2017-08-05 HededeUse helper funcs instead of sensing data directly
2017-08-05 HededeAdd misspelledvlc
2017-07-30 Hedededrpd: Don't save mail for incorrect recipient
2017-07-30 Hedededrpd: Move complex actions into separate funcs
2017-07-29 HededeCleanup old leftovers
2017-07-29 HededeAdd 'передай мне'
2017-07-29 HededeImprove regexes
2017-07-28 Hedededrpd: Store reminders in text files
2017-07-26 Hedededrpd: Move socket into separate unit
2017-07-26 Hedededrpd: Implement peredachkee
2017-07-26 Hedededrpd: Fix timer thread not being restarted
2017-07-26 Hedededrpd: Add more regexes
2017-07-19 Hedededprclient: Make CTCP_SOUND appear in the log
2017-07-14 HededeAdd minor fixes
2017-07-14 HededeRemove play-command
2017-07-14 HededeAdd log-saving capability
2017-05-11 HededeAdd thread for timed events
2017-05-11 HededeAdd misc
2017-05-11 HededeAdd CTCP sound handling
2017-05-11 Hedededrpclient: Check responces every 100ms
2017-05-11 Hedededrpclient: Fix leave handling
2017-04-24 HuddAdd string_composer
2017-04-23 HuddRemove commented out greetings
2017-04-23 HuddAdd leave handler
2017-04-23 HuddAdd join handler
2017-04-23 HuddSplit regexes to make them more readable
2017-04-23 HuddMake debug output look nicer
2017-04-23 HuddAdd timeout test
2017-04-23 HuddAdd channel and timeout parameter to output
2017-04-23 HuddAdd regex test
2017-04-23 HuddAdd regex wrapper
2017-04-23 HuddExit loop on empty message
2017-04-23 HuddAdd sound test
2017-04-23 HuddClose previous socket on accepting new connection
2017-04-23 HuddAdd SOUND command
2017-04-23 HuddFix case
2017-04-23 HuddReduce timeout
2017-04-23 HuddAllow serving multiple clients in series
2017-04-23 HuddTest multiple responces at the same time
2017-04-23 HuddUse nonblocking calls in drpclient
2017-04-23 HuddAdd text responce test
2017-04-23 HuddAdd drpclient
2017-04-23 HuddAdd random strings
2017-04-23 HuddRemove accidentally pasted debug snippet
2017-04-23 HuddAdd early drpd prototype