2020-03-22 Hudddependency_sorting: Add more cases master
2020-03-22 HuddSignals: Fix benchmark
2020-03-22 HuddPrototypes: Add a prototype dependecy sorting algorithm
2020-03-22 Huddprototypes: Update CmdHist
2020-03-22 HuddTests: add mem.cpp
2020-03-22 HuddJunk: Add Random.cpp
2020-03-22 HuddAdd MAGIC_FOR
2020-03-22 HuddC++: Add test for opening a partition with fstream
2017-12-17 HuddAdd test cases for reshetkovo
2017-12-17 HuddAdd another practice thingy
2017-12-17 HuddLua: Improve tosnake
2017-12-17 HuddLua: Improve to_snake
2017-12-17 HuddOpenGL: Add discarded renderer code
2017-06-27 HuddOptimize url-log-parser
2017-06-27 HuddLua: Add print-table
2017-06-27 HuddBash: Update cpu boost switcher script
2017-06-27 HuddBash: Add cpu boost switcher script
2017-06-27 HuddAdd old aw::archive code
2017-06-26 HuddExercises: Add url-log-parsers
2017-02-23 HuddCodewars: Add C++/replace-every-nth
2017-02-23 HuddAdd multiple C++ tests and prototypes
2017-02-15 HuddOpenGL: Implement first-person camera movement
2017-02-03 HuddOpenGL: Fix typo and simplify camera rotation expr
2017-02-03 HuddOpenGL: Add camera world position and rotation
2017-02-03 HuddOpenGL: store locations for transform and perspective
2017-02-02 Huddaur-add: Add better version comparison
2017-02-02 Huddaur-add: Fix "Failed to sign"
2017-02-02 Huddaur-add: Reorganize the script to make -U work better
2017-02-02 Huddaur-add: Bail out if package is not found
2017-01-26 HuddOpenGL: Add more benchmarking code
2017-01-26 HuddOpenGL: Increase falloff range and clamp minimum brightness
2017-01-10 HuddC++: Add build_hash prototype
2016-12-11 HuddOther: Add sitparser.c++
2016-12-10 HuddCodeward: Add weird-prime-gen in Haskell
2016-12-10 HuddCodewars: Add C++/weird-prime-gen
2016-12-10 HuddCodewars: Add simple bash scripts
2016-12-10 HuddCodewars: Add "Vasya Clerk"
2016-12-10 HuddProjects: Add newer version of aur-tool
2016-12-10 HuddProjects: Remove aur-tool code from Other/bash
2016-12-07 HuddProjects: Add my old aur-tool
2016-12-04 HuddC++: Add 'paint' prototype
2016-12-04 HuddMove AWRTS prototypes from C++ into AWRTS
2016-12-04 HuddAWRTS: Add spread prototype
2016-11-30 HuddPrototypes: Add stopwatch
2016-11-30 HuddPrototypes: Add fakesh
2016-11-30 HuddAdd signals v3 benchmark
2016-11-24 HuddOpenGL: Output depth
2016-11-24 HuddAdd my AUR tool
2016-11-24 HuddBash: Add stuff from screenshot archive
2016-11-24 HuddAdd bunch of bash scripts from dotfiles
2016-11-24 HuddAdd bunch of junk from my old junk collection
2016-11-24 HuddC++: Add comprimes
2016-11-22 HuddC++: Add test of overloads with diff. access specifiers
2016-11-21 HuddAdd C++ regex test
2016-11-17 HuddOpenGL: Use model class
2016-11-17 HuddSDL: Add SDL_Image test
2016-11-17 Huddbash: Add
2016-11-17 HuddOpenGL: Add Makefile
2016-11-17 HuddAdd some old junk
2016-11-17 HuddCmdHist: Add another completion prototype.
2016-11-17 HuddAdd old GL loader test
2016-11-17 HuddPrototypes: Add ListOfLambdas
2016-11-17 HuddC++: Add exceptions-through-c-code test
2016-11-17 HuddOpenGL: Add prototype model formats
2016-11-16 HuddOpenGL: Remove hardcoded data
2016-11-16 HuddOpenGL: Discard model data; Add vertex color
2016-11-16 HuddOpenGL: Add OBJ loader
2016-11-15 HuddJunk: Add unused enumerate_extensions()
2016-11-09 HuddOpenGL: Use camera class
2016-11-09 HuddOpenGL: Use matrix for transform
2016-11-08 HuddOpenGL: Use glDrawElementsBaseVertex
2016-11-08 HuddOpenGL: Add index buffer
2016-11-08 HuddOpenGL: Use perspective matrix
2016-11-08 HuddC++: Add matrix constructor prototype
2016-11-07 HuddOpenGL: Add simple perspective
2016-11-07 HuddC: Add MurmurHash3 test
2016-11-06 HuddPrototypes: Add any_type_to_array
2016-11-06 HuddOpenGL: Add pulsating colors
2016-11-06 HuddOpenGL: Add screen uniform
2016-11-06 HuddPrototypes: Add test GL application
2016-11-04 HuddLua: Add tosnake
2016-10-29 HuddFix square-every-digit.hs
2016-10-29 HuddCodewar: Add C++ impl of population
2016-10-29 HuddAdd more Haskell exercises
2016-10-29 HuddTests: Add split.hs
2016-10-29 HuddCodewar: Sort things by language
2016-10-29 HuddAdd more Codewar stuff
2016-10-29 HuddTests: Add some Haskell code
2016-10-22 HuddC++: Add Sieve of Eratosthenes
2016-10-20 HuddTests: Add abominable.c++
2016-10-20 HuddTests/Ruby: Add equa.rb
2016-10-20 HuddBash: Add test-inotify
2016-10-20 HuddC: Add segfault.c
2016-10-20 HuddTests/Perl: Add
2016-10-20 HuddTests/Perl: Add
2016-10-20 HuddRuby: Add balance.rb
2016-10-20 HuddAWTEST: Add old header
2016-10-20 HuddAdd Misc tests
2016-10-20 HuddAdd old aw::compose test
2016-10-20 HuddDeprecated: Add filesystem.cpp