2020-05-01 Huddqueue: Fix copy constructor master
2020-05-01 Huddqueue: Add comparison operators
2020-05-01 Huddqueue: Add missing return
2020-05-01 Huddqueue: Fix compile error when copying a const queue
2020-05-01 Hedededoc: Fix const-correctness
2020-03-21 Hudddoc: Additional methods for getting a list of nodes
2020-03-16 Huddawdoc: libdoc -> libawdoc
2020-03-16 Huddconfig: Add aw_force_inline macro
2020-03-16 Huddutility: Add _unreachable
2020-03-16 Huddbuild: hdf -> doc
2020-03-16 Huddfileformat/obj: Ignore leading-whitespace in obj
2020-03-15 Huddtypes/tests: Shorten tmpflag duration
2020-03-15 Huddvariant: Fix binary search dispatch
2020-03-15 Huddvariant: Add type deduction and linear dispatch
2020-03-15 Huddawdoc: Add document
2020-03-15 Huddvariant: Remove specialization of vh_recursive
2020-03-14 Huddawdoc: Rename hdf->doc
2020-03-14 Huddawdoc: Rename hdf into awdoc
2020-03-14 Hededebuild: Upgrade to C++17
2020-03-14 Hededeawdoc: Fix build #2
2020-03-14 Hededeawdoc: fix build
2019-03-08 Huddhdf: Add utility functions
2019-03-08 Huddhdf: Rewrite node class
2019-03-08 Huddhdf: Convert writer to snake_case
2019-03-05 HededeFix more of missing returns
2019-03-05 HededeAdd missing return in gl::load_functions
2019-03-05 Huddhdf: Update reader example
2019-03-05 Huddhdf: Fix return-type compile errors
2019-03-05 HededeAdd default case for ostream_logger
2019-01-21 Hededeutility: Add hash_combine
2019-01-21 Hededemath: Replace rotl/rotr with template function
2019-01-14 HuddBuild: Add -Werror=return-type
2019-01-14 Huddgl3: Fix missing returns in assinment operators
2019-01-14 Huddranges: Fix missing return in ipairs
2019-01-14 Huddcontainers: Fix allocator type in flat_map
2018-05-05 Huddmath: C++17ify math.h
2018-05-05 Huddmath: Improve the description of lerp()
2018-04-29 Huddplatform: Add missing `using`s
2018-04-29 Huddtypes: Extend array_view test
2018-04-29 Huddplatform: Add spawn & friends io-process
2018-04-29 Huddtypes: Fix critical mistake in array_view::back()
2018-04-29 Huddplatform: Update os_version test
2018-04-29 Huddplatform: Move demangle strings into separate file
2018-04-29 Huddplatform: Remove old outdated code
2018-04-27 Huddmath: Add make_inverse_transform
2018-04-22 HuddFix build error
2018-04-22 Huddgraphics: Improve shader loader utilities
2018-04-22 Huddtypes: Add initializer list support to array_view
2018-04-21 Huddmath: Add make_transform()
2018-04-21 Huddgraphics: Fix incorrect usage of transpose()
2018-04-21 Huddgraphics: Add few uasages of extend()
2018-04-21 Huddmath: Rename expand_matrix() -> extend()
2018-04-21 Huddmath: Add translation_matrix()
2018-04-21 Huddmath: Fix look_at_inverse
2018-04-21 Huddmath: Replace pow(1./3.) with cbrt()
2018-04-18 Huddmath: Add second overload of look_at_inverse
2018-04-18 Huddmath: Fix typo in look_at()
2018-04-18 HuddFix missing return
2018-04-18 Huddmath: Add look_at_inverse
2018-04-14 Huddgl3: Allow passing mat3 to uniforms
2018-04-14 Huddcontainers: Convert queue to use circular_iterator
2018-04-07 Huddmath: Remove <iostream> from angle.h
2018-04-07 Huddmath: Update angle to C++17
2018-04-06 Huddmath: Disambiguate different versions of look_at
2018-04-06 Huddmath: Add look_at function
2018-04-06 Huddmath: Rename polar.h -> orientaion.h
2018-04-06 Huddmath: Add vector cross-product tests
2018-04-06 Huddgraphics: Fix include path
2018-04-06 Huddmath: Fix vector.normalize()
2018-04-06 Huddmath: Remove static qualifier from matrix functions
2018-04-06 Huddmath: Add expand_matrix
2018-04-06 Huddmath: Add [[nodiscard]] to transpose/inverse
2018-04-05 Huddmath: Add spherical_to_cartesian
2018-03-22 HededeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gl3-wip'
2018-03-22 Huddgl/utility: Add load_program() func
2018-03-22 Huddgl: Move header shader_file -> program_loader
2018-03-21 HededeUpdate logger library
2018-03-21 HededeMerge branch 'gl3-wip' of ~git/awlib
2018-03-21 Huddgl: Add program_manager
2018-02-19 Huddmath: Extend rotation-matrix test
2018-02-19 Huddranges: Add forward() in zip constructor
2018-02-19 HuddMove forward.h to utility
2018-02-13 Huddmath: Update matrix3 test
2018-02-13 Huddmath: Add deduction guide for vector
2018-02-13 HuddMerge branch 'gl3-wip' into gl3-merge
2018-02-13 Huddtest: Remove `tests` directory
2018-02-13 Huddmath: Add test for matrix3 rotation
2018-02-11 Huddranges: Add `inline` to char_range
2018-02-11 Huddcontainer: Fix typo in circular_buffer test
2018-02-10 HuddUpdate readme
2018-02-09 Huddtypes: Add circular_buffer
2018-02-07 Huddbuild: Make dependency paths absolute
2018-02-07 HuddMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into gl3-wip
2018-02-07 Huddgl/test: Add little explanation to camera_controller
2018-02-07 Huddgraphics/test: Add logger
2018-02-07 Huddpng: Reorganize loader
2018-02-07 Huddpng: Fix crashes and heap corruption
2018-02-07 Huddutility/ranges: C++17-ify ipairs
2018-02-07 Huddutility/ranges: C++17-ify zip
2018-02-07 Huddutility/ranges: Replace pairs_adapter with zip